Kimberlea shares her story at Voice Story March 17th - POSTPONED

Kimberlea shares her story at Voice Story March 17th - POSTPONED

Pain is something that everyone one of us has experienced at one point. Some choose to heal the source of it, others choose to ignore or bury it entirely and some decide to numb it out.

Given enough Pain over long periods of time, we find ways to adapt so we can continue on with our lives. But the root of the Pain itself does not define us, it is what we do in the presence of it that does.

This is Kimberlea Masters’ story:

Kimberlea Masters is a single mom of 3, a survivor and a warrior. She has overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol, domestic violence and has become an advocate for those overcoming the same. She has become the person she needed to see when she was struggling, to show others that change is possible and there is hope in the darkness.

We invite you to join us on March 17 to experience her story, as Kimberlea shares that after leaving an abusive relationship, she promised herself that she would never get trapped in a toxic situation again. Though her journey of healing she found self-confidence, self-esteem and a new life evolved. “In sharing my story I found others beginning to make changes in their lives as a result, and in this way I have found my true purpose.”

The other speakers sharing on the theme of “Addicted to Pain” are Jill Prescott, Eileen Davidson, Corey Preston, Neil Pretty and Elly Stornebrink.

Early Bird tickets are available until March 7 for only $20.00, so get yours now at:

All proceeds from ticket sales go to the VoiceStory Foundation to support their mission to combat social isolation and its invisible side effects. To learn more about our mission please go to:

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