I have been nominated for the Mompreneurs Award in the Start Up Division

I have been nominated for the Mompreneurs Award in the Start Up Division

Check out my entry below and follow me as I wait to hear if I am announced as a finalist on January 10th, 2020!


Kimberlea Masters is a single mom of 3, a survivor and a successful mompreneur. She has overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol, domestic violence and many other challenges to become a strong advocate for change within her community. After working a career in corporate finance, Kim ventured into the world of at-home business starting her small bookkeeping service and building a successful direct sales business, from that her entrepreneurial mind developed, leading to the creation of RECVRD Apparel. In addition to her clothing line, Kim does extensive work in the recovery community, is a respected speaker who speaks on overcoming addiction and domestic violence. Kim decided to be the person she needed to see when she was struggling in an effort to make her mess her message and show others that change is possible and there is hope in the darkness. She strongly believes in the power of business and philanthropy to work together to attain sustainable change within the community. 


RECVRD Apparel is a recovery themed clothing brand based in Vancouver, BC. We believe recovery to be a way of life that should be shared, to create a community of support for those living with or recovering from addiction. When we recover loudly from addiction, we give others hope that may help them to recover and we help end the stigma associated with addiction.



What started as a fun little sweater amongst friends, has quickly grown into a clean and sober clothing line and collection of gifts for people in recovery. When I first got sober, I found it hard to find gifts for my sober friends, gone are the days of picking up a bottle of wine on the way to a party. RECVRD’s mission is to provide quality products for people to celebrate their recovery, to show the world and those still suffering in the darkness of addiction that they don’t have to suffer anymore. I believe recovery to be a way of life that should be shared, to create a community of support for those recovering from addiction. Through our cheeky slogans, we have started a movement, which is dedicated to changing people’s perception of addiction and mental health. With our social responsibility program, partial proceeds from each item sold is donated to a foundation dedicated to funding treatment beds for those unable to pay, as well as fighting the opioid crisis through awareness. 


After leaving an abusive relationship in 2015, I promised myself that I would never let financial insecurity keep me trapped in a toxic situation again. I thought that meant finding a stable, reliable job to support myself and my children. I quickly learned the drawbacks of this plan, high daycare costs, long hours away from my children and limited earning potential and I began to look for an alternative. My search for flexibility brought me to a home-based business and thus began my journey as an entrepreneur. Becoming an entrepreneur has given me more than just a business, flexibility and financial freedom, it has given me self-confidence, self-esteem and a purpose driven life. When I began sharing my story of overcoming addiction, domestic violence and how I am thriving, I began to receive messages from women of all walks of life who were finding the courage and strength to begin making changes in their lives as a result, and that to me is the reason I am an entrepreneur today.


Winning this award would represent me overcoming my personal limitations, lack of worthiness and my fears, it would show my children that you can admit your mistakes, learn from them and strive to be the best version of yourself when overcoming adversity. It would be the culmination of all the change and growth I have tirelessly worked for in the past 4 years. Winning this award would help bring my passion for sharing hope to the forefront and aid in my mission to help end the stigma of addiction and show those living in situations that feel hopeless that there is hope and that change is possible and that dreams can and will come true. Everyone deserves the beautiful life that is waiting once you take that first courageous step. 

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